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about the role Your role is to realize a PostDoc work on the topic : " Digital Twin System synchronization " which, within a mixed reasearch team Orange-INRIA, will constitue a contribution to the collaborative project " 5GMetaverse4Industry " financed by the BPI. Context and problem statement The Project 5GMetaverse ambitions to prepare and promote the use of 5G in metaverse applications. This project focuses on the required evolutions of the 5G Information System and more globally 5G networks for the metaverse, from a service point of view expressed by the metaverse to the 5G IS, to the concrete deployment of the appropriate 5G network services (metaverse-dedicated network slices),in conformity with the requirements in terms of Quality of Service, latency, bandwidth, quality of immersion and experience in the metaverse. Orange and INRIA collaborate through a common laboratory and a common team specialized on the management of the Cloud2IoT continuum. This continuum depicts an end-to-end infrastructure that spans Cloud, Edge and IoT (gateways, devices) on which applications and services will be deployed and executed. The complexity of future services in Internet Of Things and more globally cyber-physical systems will lead these architectures to be massively geo-distributed. The development of Digital Twins can benefit from of this architecture to improve the Quality of Service of diverse applications. One of the main criteria to evaluate the quality of service is the synchronization latency between the physical twin and its Digital Twin. Bringing these two entities closer in the network sense would allow to improve this synchronization. The Digital Twin research platform Thing in the future (Thing'in) developed by Orange will be the main building block to support and pursue this new objective. Scientific objective - results and scientific locks The main objective is to contribute to the management of massively geo-distributed network infrastructures built on the Cloud2IoT continuum. Most notably, the PostDoc must characterize and describe the possible synchronization schemes between physical and Digital Twins depending on their network positioning in the continuum. The main scientific locks to address are: • Define methodologies and approaches to characterize the synchronization of Digital Twins in the Cloud2IoT continuum. • Define appropriate policies and synchronization mechanisms • Prototype and evaluate the given policies and mechanisms within the Thing'in platform The main expected contributions are: • Specification of policies ad synchronization mechanisms in the Cloud2IoT continuum • Implement those mechanisms aiming for their integration in Thing'in. • Specify and implement a use case from the 5GMetaverse4Industry project (which will be defined by the consortium during the project) about you Skills and personal requirements for the position: You have scientific and technical skills in the domains of distributed systems and modeling. You have strong software development experience You show interest in applied research You master systems and in particular distributed systems You are motivated, autonomous and dynamic You like working within a team You are fluent in both french and english (read, written). Education : You have a PhD in computer science Past experiences You have recent publications in related fields e.g. distributed systems, Internet of Things, Digital Twins You have shown your ability to learn continuously and adapt to different technologies and research fields additional information This postdoc position focuses on the management of massively geo-distributed assets and infrastructures, to answer to the increasing complexity of services on the Internet Of Things, and more globally in cyber-physical universes. These universes are at the intersection of the fields and technologies of Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Digital Twins and Metaverse. In particular, the postdoc will contribute to the " 5GMetaverse4Industry " project, financed by the BPI. The ambition of " 5GMetaverse4Industry " is to develop and validate a new approach to remote collaborative work and more globally remote work in the industry, by exploiting Mixed Reality, Digital Twins and 5G technologies. In this project, 5G and mixed reality will be combined and enriched to enable the realization of two emblematic use cases. You will be integrated within a dynamic team of experts with heterogeneous skills, notably in the domains of knowledge management, storage, expert systems and AI, who notably develops and enriches the research platform Thing'in the future. department Orange Innovation brings together the research and innovation activities and expertise of the Group's entities and countries. We work every day to ensure that Orange is recognized as an innovative operator by its customers and we create value for the Group and the Brand in each of our projects. With 740 researchers, thousands of marketers, developers, designers and data analysts, it is the expertise of our 6,000 employees that fuels this ambition every day. Orange Innovation anticipates technological breakthroughs and supports the Group's countries and entities in making the best technological choices to meet the needs of our consumer and business customers. Lieu : Cesson-Sévigné Pour postuler :

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LesJeudis - Post doc - Digital Twin System Synchronization (F/H)

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